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Taiwan, or Taiwan for short, is the provincial administrative region of the people's Republic of China, the capital of Taipei. It is located in the southeast sea area of the mainland of China, facing the Pacific Ocean in the East, facing Fujian Province in the west across the Taiwan Strait, and facing the Philippines in the south across the bus Strait. Taiwan Province is composed of more than 80 islands, the largest island in China, Taiwan Island, surrounding islands and Penghu Archipelago, with a total area of 36000 square kilometers. With a population of 23.5 million, more than 70% of Taiwan's population is concentrated in the five metropolitan areas in the western part of Taiwan Island, of which Taipei city is the largest.

Taiwan is an integral part of China's territory. The main ethnic group of Gaoshan in Taiwan Province settled here before the Han nationality moved into Taiwan in the 17th century; since the end of Ming Dynasty and the beginning of Qing Dynasty, a large number of people from southern Fujian and eastern Guangdong moved to Taiwan, and finally formed a society with Han nationality as the main body. Penghu in the Southern Song Dynasty belongs to Fujian road; yuan and Ming Dynasties set up patrol inspection department in Penghu; it was occupied by Holland and Spain at the end of Ming Dynasty; Zheng Chenggong recovered it in 1662; the Qing Dynasty set up Taiwan government in 1684, belonging to Fujian Province, and established Taiwan Province in 1885; the Qing government ceded to Japan by treaty of Shimonoseki in 1895; after the victory of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese war in 1945, the Chinese government restored the administrative structure of Taiwan Province In 1949, the Kuomintang authorities retreated to Taiwan, and in 1954, the United States signed the Treaty of common defense with the Taiwan authorities, which resulted in the separation of Taiwan from the mainland.

Since the 1960s, Taiwan has carried out the strategy of export-oriented industrialization, with rapid economic and social development, ranking among the four small Asian dragons and among the developed economies in the 1990s. Taiwan's manufacturing and high-tech industries are developed, leading the world in semiconductor, it, communication, electronic precision manufacturing and other fields.

Taiwan culture, with Chinese culture as the main body, is an important part of Chinese culture. The South Island Culture of Gaoshan Nationality also has an impact. In modern times, it integrates Japanese and European and American cultures, presenting a diverse landscape