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Shandong Province, a coastal province in East China, is referred to as Shandong, the capital of Jinan. It is located between 34 ° 22.9 ′ - 38 ° 24.01 ′ N and 114 ° 47.5 ′ - 122 ° 42.3 ′ E in the eastern coastal area of China, and borders Hebei, Henan, Anhui and Jiangsu provinces from north to south.

In the middle part of Shandong Province, the mountain rises, the southwest and northwest are low and flat, the East is gentle and rolling, the terrain is mainly mountainous and hilly, the East is Shandong Peninsula, the West and North are North China Plain, the South and central are mountainous and hilly, forming the landform with mountainous and hilly as the skeleton, and the plain and basin crisscross and circle, including mountainous, hilly, platform, basin, plain, lake and other types; It is a warm temperate monsoon climate, covering five major water systems: Huaihe River, Yellow River, Haihe River, Xiaoqing River and Jiaodong river.

As of September 2019, Shandong Province has jurisdiction over 16 prefecture level cities, a total of 57 municipal districts, 27 county-level cities and 53 counties, with a total of 137 county-level administrative regions. There are 664 streets, 1092 towns and 68 townships, totaling 1824 township administrative regions.

By the end of 2018, Shandong had a permanent population of 104.724 million, a GDP of 7646.97 billion yuan and a per capita GDP of 76300 yuan.