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Qing Yu Nian Popular TV series in December 2019 China

Zhang Qing, a university student majoring in literary history, is familiar with classical masterpieces, but his thesis proposition of analyzing ancient literary history with modern ideas is not recognized by Professor Ye. In order for Professor Ye to become his Postgraduate Tutor, Zhang Qing decided to further elaborate his views by writing novels. In his novels, fan Xian, a mysterious teenager, lived in the seaside town of Danzhou with his grandmother when he was a child. With the sudden visit of a teacher, his seemingly peaceful life began to face many crises and tests. Under the guidance of the mysterious teacher and a blindfold guardian, fan Xian was familiar with medicine, pharmacology, cultivation of domineering Qi and martial arts, and then solved many crises one after another. Curious about the mystery of his life experience, fan Xian left Danzhou and went to Kyoto. In Kyoto, fan Xian enjoyed the warmth of the world and insisted on justice and goodness, writing a glorious life legend.