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Liaoning province is known as "ancient". Fengtian province "Shengjing", located Northeast China Abbreviation Liao Provincial capital Shenyang. Liaoning ranges from 38 degrees 43'to 43 degrees north latitude, 118 degrees 53' to 125 degrees 46'East, and south to 26'. Yellow Sea , The Bohai Sea Two seas, southwest and Hebei Bordering the Northwest Inner Mongolia Adjacent to the northeast and Jilin, Southeast of the Yalu River. Korea Across the river, the total area is 148 thousand and 600 square kilometers.

The topography of Liaoning province is basically from north to south, from the east to the west, from the east to the west, and the hills and hills to the Central Plains, and the horseshoe to Bohai. Liaohe River , Hunhe River , Daling River , Taizi River , Rayang River , The Yalu River Six major river systems Temperate monsoon climate.

As of 2019, Liaoning has jurisdiction over 14 prefecture level cities, 59 municipal districts, 16 county-level cities, 17 counties, 8 autonomous counties, and 100 County divisions. 690 streets, 640 towns, 147 townships, 54 ethnic townships, and 1531 townships zoning.

By the end of 2018, the gross domestic product of the whole year was 2 trillion and 531 billion 540 million yuan, an increase of 5.7% over the previous year. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 203 billion 330 million yuan, an increase of 3.1%; the second industry added value of 1 trillion and 2 billion 510 million yuan, an increase of 7.4%; third industrial added value 1 trillion and 325 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 4.8%. The per capita GDP is 58008 yuan per year, an increase of 5.9% over the previous year.