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Jilin Province, for short. Ji "The People's Republic of China Provincial Administrative Region, provincial capital Changchun. Located in China Northeast Central region, with Liaoning , Inner Mongolia , Heilongjiang Connect and associate with Russia , Korea Bordering on Northeast Asia Geographical location. By the end of 2017, 8 prefecture level cities and 1 autonomous prefectures were administered. There were 20 county-level cities, 16 counties, 3 autonomous counties and 21 municipal districts.

Jilin's construction started in Qing Dynasty Shunzhi Ten years (1653) setting Ning Guta amban janggin ; Kangxi In twelve years (1673), the Qing court built the city of Jilin. Girin Ula Jilin is named after that. In the twenty-two years (1757) of Qianlong, it was officially renamed "general in Jilin, URA". General of Jilin " Jilin is modern. Northeast Asia The witness of the complete course of the political and military conflict is China's important industrial base and commodity grain production base.

There are obvious differences of landform in Jilin province. The terrain inclined from southeast to northwest, showing the characteristics of southeast and northwest. Taking the central black mountain as the boundary, it can be divided into two landforms: the eastern mountain area and the central and western plains. The eastern mountain area is divided into the low mountain area and low hill and hilly area of Changbai Mountain Zhongshan. The central plains are divided into the central platform plain area, the Western meadow, the lake, the wetland and the sandy area. Tumen River , The Yalu River , Liaohe River , Suifenhe , Songhua River Five major river systems. Jilin is located on the eastern side of the mid latitude Eurasian continent, belonging to the temperate continental monsoon climate.

By the end of 2018, the total population of Jilin province was 27 million 40 thousand and 600. Gross domestic product 1 trillion and 507 billion 462 million yuan, the added value of the primary industry is 116 billion 75 million yuan, the second industry is 641 billion 85 million yuan, the third industry is 750 billion 302 million yuan, and the per capita GDP is 55611 yuan.