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Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, referred to as "Inner Mongolia", the provincial administrative region of the people's Republic of China, the capital city of Hohhot. Located in North China, Inner Mongolia borders between 37 ° 24 ′ - 53 ° 23 ′ n, 97 ° 12 ′ - 126 ° 04 ′ e, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Hebei in the northeast, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Ningxia in the south, Gansu in the southwest, Russia and Mongolia in the North

The terrain of Inner Mongolia autonomous region extends obliquely from northeast to southwest, in a narrow and long shape. The whole region is basically a plateau type geomorphic area, covering plateau, mountain, hill, plain, desert, river, lake and other landforms. The climate is mainly temperate continental climate, crossing the four major water systems of the Yellow River, Erguna River, Nenjiang River and Xiliao River.

By the end of 2018, Inner Mongolia had a total area of 1183000 square kilometers, governing 9 prefecture level cities and 3 leagues. The district governs 23 municipal districts, 11 county-level cities, 17 counties, 49 banners, 3 autonomous banners, with a total of 103 county-level divisions; 246 streets, 508 towns, 99 townships, 17 ethnic townships, 153 Sumu, and 1 ethnic Sumu, with a total of 1024 township level divisions; the permanent population is 25.34 million, with a regional GDP of 1728.92 billion yuan and a per capita regional GDP of 68302 yuan.