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Heilongjiang Province, referred to as "black", the provincial capital Harbin It is the most northernmost and most Eastern provincial administrative area in China, with a total area of 473 thousand square kilometers.

The landform feature of Heilongjiang is "five mountains, one water, one grass, three fields". The terrain is generally high in the northwest, North and Southeast, and low in the northeast and southwest. It is composed of mountain, terrace, plain and water surface. It is across Heilongjiang. Wusuri River , Songhua River , Suifenhe The four major river systems belong to the continental monsoon climate in the cold temperate zone and temperate zone. Heilongjiang is located in the hinterland of Northeast Asia. It is an important gateway for the land in Asia and the Pacific to Russia and the European continent.

As of August 2019, Heilongjiang has jurisdiction over 12 prefecture level cities and 1 districts. There are 54 municipal districts, 21 county-level cities, 45 counties and 1 autonomous counties.  In 2018, the resident population of Heilongjiang province was 37 million 731 thousand, and the gross domestic product (GDP) was 1 trillion and 636 billion 160 million yuan. Among them, the added value of the primary industry was 300 billion 100 million yuan, the added value of the second industry was 403 billion 90 million yuan, the value added of the third industry was 932 billion 970 million yuan, the three industrial structure was 18.3:24.6:57.1, and the per capita GDP reached 43274 yuan.