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Hainan Province, one of China's 23 provinces, is located in the southernmost part of China, referred to as Qiong, the capital of Haikou. Hainan Province is China's special economic zone and pilot free trade zone. It is located in South China, bounded by Qiongzhou Strait and Guangdong in the north, facing Guangxi and Vietnam in the west, facing Taiwan in the East, and neighboring the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia in the South China Sea in the southeast and south.

The outline of Hainan Island is like an oval big Sydney. The terrain is low and flat around, high in the middle, and in the form of dome and long mountain. With Wuzhishan mountain and Yingge mountain as the core of uplift, the island is surrounded by mountains, hills, platforms, plains and other landforms. Hainan has a tropical marine monsoon climate, warm and hot all year round, with abundant rainfall.

The total land area of Hainan Province is 35400 square kilometers, including 33900 square kilometers of Hainan Island and about 2 million square kilometers of sea area. It has jurisdiction over 4 prefecture level cities, 5 county-level cities, 4 counties and 6 autonomous counties.

By the end of 2018, Hainan province had a permanent population of 9.3432 million, with a GDP of 483.205 billion yuan and a per capita GDP of 52000 yuan