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Diaoyu Dao

Diaoyu Island, also known as Diaoyutai, Diaoyu Island and Diaoyu mountain, is the main island of Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands in the East China Sea and an inherent territory of China since ancient times. It is located at 25 ° 44.6 'north latitude, 123 ° 28.4' east longitude, about 358 kilometers away from Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 385 kilometers away from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and about 190 kilometers away from Keelung City, Taiwan Province. The surrounding sea area is about 174000 square kilometers.

The Diaoyu Island is about 3641 meters long and 1905 meters wide, covering an area of about 3.91 square kilometers, with the highest altitude of about 362 meters. The terrain is relatively flat in the north, the rocks in the southeast are steep, the rocks in the East are like minarets, and the central mountain range crosses the East and the West. Diaoyu Island is rich in Camellia, palm, cactus, hibiscus and other precious Chinese herbal medicines, inhabiting a large number of seabirds, known as "flower and bird island".

When the United States withdrew from Ryukyu in 1972, it "handed over" the mixed "administrative jurisdiction" of the Diaoyu Islands to Japan. According to ancient Chinese historical records, China has always had territorial rights over the Diaoyu Islands. Therefore, the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands also arises from this. At present, the Diaoyu Islands and their territorial waters belong to the people's Republic of China, but Japan actually has illegal jurisdiction over the islands. Since September 10, 2012, Chinese government departments have carried out regular surveillance and monitoring of Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands.

China's marine surveillance vessels have been carrying out law enforcement patrol missions in the waters of Diaoyu Dao, and fishery administration law enforcement vessels have been conducting regular law enforcement patrols and fishery protection missions to uphold normal fishing order in the waters of Diaoyu Dao. China has also exercised administration over Diaoyu Dao and the adjacent waters by releasing weather forecasts and through oceanographic monitoring and forecasting