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Beijing, abbreviated as "Beijing", is the capital of the people's Republic of China and one of China's four municipalities directly under the central government. Beijing is a national central city, super city, national political center, cultural center, international exchange center, science and technology innovation center, a world-famous ancient capital and modern international city, as well as the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central People's Government of the people's Republic of China and The office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

Beijing is located in North China, the center of which is 116 ° 20 'e and 39 ° 56' n, adjacent to Tianjin in the East and Hebei in the rest. The total area of Beijing is 16410.54 square kilometers. As of September 2019, Beijing has 16 municipal districts.

Beijing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The west, North and northeast are surrounded by mountains, and the southeast is a plain inclining slowly to the Bohai Sea. The main rivers flowing through the territory are: Yongding River, Chaobai River, Beiyunhe River, Juma River, etc. most of them originate from the mountains in the northwest, pass through the high mountains, and meander southeast through the plain area, and finally respectively flow into the Bohai Sea. Beijing's climate is a typical warm temperate semi humid continental monsoon climate, with high temperature and rain in summer, cold and dry in winter, and short in spring and autumn.

Beijing is rated as the world's first tier city by GaWC, the world's authoritative organization. By the end of 2018, Beijing had a permanent population of 21.542 million, realizing a Gross Regional Product (GDP) of 303.2 billion yuan and a per capita GDP of 140000 yuan. The total retail sales of consumer goods reached 1174.77 billion yuan, the wholesale sales reached 5738.31 billion yuan, the per capita disposable income reached 62361 yuan, the total household deposits reached 3250.78 billion yuan, and the total number of high-tech enterprises reached 24691. The UN report points out that Beijing's human development index ranks second in China's cities.