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Anhui, abbreviated as "Anhui", is a provincial administrative region of the people's Republic of China. Hefei, the capital of the province. Located in East China, Anhui is bounded by 114 ° 54 ′ - 119 ° 37 ′ e, 29 ° 41 ′ - 34 ° 38 ′ n, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in the East, Henan and Hubei in the west, Jiangxi in the south, Shandong in the north, with a total area of 140100 square kilometers.

Anhui Province is located in East China, near the river and offshore, with 800 li of riverside city groups and Wanjiang economic belt, with the Yangtze River waterway inside and the coastal economic radiation outside. The terrain is composed of plain, hill and mountain; it crosses three major water systems, namely Huaihe River, Yangtze River and Qiantang River. Anhui Province is located in the transition zone between warm temperate zone and subtropical zone. The north of Huaihe River belongs to warm temperate semi humid monsoon climate, and the south of Huaihe River is subtropical humid monsoon climate, compatible with the north and the south.

Anhui Province is an important part of the Yangtze River Delta, located in the strategic hub of national economic development and the docking zone of several domestic economic plates. Economy, culture and other areas of the Yangtze River Delta have historical and natural connections. Anhui culture has a long history and consists of four cultural circles: Huizhou culture, Huaihe culture, Wanjiang culture and Luzhou culture. As of August 2019, Anhui Province has 16 provincial cities, 8 county-level cities, 53 counties and 44 municipal districts.

By the end of 2018, Anhui Province has achieved a regional GDP of 3000.68 billion yuan, the added value of the primary industry is 263.8 billion yuan, the added value of the secondary industry is 1384.21 billion yuan, the added value of the tertiary industry is 1352.67 billion yuan, the permanent population is 63236000, and the registered population is 70591500.

According to the sampling survey results of Anhui survey team of National Bureau of statistics in August 2019, in the first half of the year, the per capita disposable income of urban residents in Anhui Province was 18655 yuan, up 9.4% year-on-year, 1.4 percentage points higher than the national average. The growth rate of per capita disposable income of urban residents in Anhui Province ranks the third in China and the first in Central China. The absolute amount of income ranks 14th in China and 3rd in the central region.